Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Battle of the seasons

Lake Champlain looked inviting in the 80 degree weather this past Saturday.
However the National Weather
Service is warning people to stay away from area rivers and lakes that are running high and fast, and most importantly are only about 36F (2C) at this time of year. Hypothermia can occur in seconds.
The same rule applies on both sides of the border.
ValleyWX Pic

That may have been one of the best long weekends ever. Bright sunshine and record high temperatures in the upper 70's (20's C) on Friday and Saturday, were followed by decent weather with very mild temperatures for Sunday and Monday. While no records were broke yesterday the temperatures remained well above normal. Record warmth is being felt all along the eastern seaboard with temperatures in the 70's and 80's or about 20 to 30 degrees above normal. The normal high in Montreal is about 43F (8C) for April 6. Despite clouds and showers from and advancing warm front today, we will still reach the 55 to 60F (13 to 15C) range. Rain will develop along that front today in the St. Lawrence Valley, and taper off after midnight tonight. Warmer temperatures with some breaks are possible on Wednesday in the warm sector. A sharp gradient will be in place from north to south with temperatures in the upper 70's in southern New England to near 60 (16C) in Montreal tomorrow. A cooler pattern with more rain and even some flurries is possible by Friday.

Meanwhile out west, winter continues with heavy snow falling across the Rockies and northern plains. In between, heavy thunderstorms are forecast in the Midwest, Ohio Valley, and eventually the Great Lakes and northeast by late tomorrow. We may even hear a rumble of thunder in Montreal for the first time this season.

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