Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

NOAA Visible Satellite of our little corner of the planet at sunrise on this Earth Day.

Clouds are slowly decreasing this morning as the overnight shower activity moves southeast of Montreal. Daytime heating may result in an isolated shower later today, but it should be dry in most areas. Skies will clear out tonight and it will be chilly, close to the freezing mark in many regions away from the cities and water. Some frost may occur. Friday and Saturday will be sunny and dry with pleasant temperatures, before low pressure from the US Midwest pushes showers and cooler weather into the St. Lawrence Valley for Sunday into early next week.
Celebrate Earth Day today by doing some simple things to help the planet. Don't idle the car at the drive through, get out and go inside for your coffee. Shut the water off while you shave or brush your teeth, take shorter showers. Turn lights off when you leave a room and power down the computer at night. All simple things that if done on large numbers, will preserve our wonderful country and planet for future generations. Try it today and make it a habit.
Click here for more information: Earth Day!

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