Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thunderstorms & SNOW

Heavy snow over Washington and Montana is now moving into Alberta and Saskatchewan. photo

The title of my blog entry this morning was fairly accurate as winter and spring wage a battle across many portions of Canada. Tonight heavy thunderstorms are moving across eastern Ontario into western Quebec. Thunderstorm Warnings have been posted for Lachute and St. Jerome. By 9pm these storms will be near metro Montreal. Heavy rain, 90km/h winds and reports of marble size hail have been observed with these storms in Prescott/Russell and Glengarry Counties in Ontario. Rain will continue overnight and into early Friday.

Meanwhile a strong cold front is moving across Alberta associated with low pressure near Red Dear. Winds are gusting to 100km/h across the southern Rockies and into Saskatchewan. Steady rain has turned to snow in many parts of Alberta and the snow will spread into Saskatchewan. Calgary is reporting near zero visibility in snow with winds of 95km/h. Portions of the central grain belt could see 15cm of snow. Heavy wet snow is also falling in northern Ontario and in northern Michigan. Over 10cm of wet snow fell today in Sudbury where it was over 27C just days ago.

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