Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A few thunderstorms

Despite the presence of high pressure across the region, a weak frontal trough set off some sprinkles and showers late Monday afternoon in Montreal. It was just enough to wet the rain gauge, far less than the 40mm or so that drenched the region Friday into Sunday. there was even snow reported in some areas south and east of the city with as much at 10cm falling in northern Vermont and southern Quebec near the Vermont border.

Skies are sunny this morning across eastern Ontario and Quebec with mild temperatures. It will be dry most of the day, but a weak cold front will combine with a slightly unstable air mass and daytime heating to generate more showers and isolated thunderstorms by late in the day. Skies will clear out this evening before the same scenario occurs on Wednesday with more showers and thunderstorms. Conditions should improve on Thursday.

Volcano Update:
Regarding the volcanic eruption on Iceland, some flights are beginning to take off in southern Europe, but it may be another day or so before Britain and northern Europe can begin scheduling flights. New eruptions today are threatening to expand the ash cloud once again. So far the predominately westerly winds have kept the ash from affecting eastern Canada. The cost of this eruption is being estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars a day with over 10,000 flights being canceled worldwide, including the transportation of perishable goods.

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