Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More sunshine...but not here

Wind surfing on the Atlantic yesterday. This is a very popular sport for many on Hatteras Island, including many Canadians down here this week.

Greetings once again from Hatteras Island. The surf is up this morning with a moderate risk of rip currents, so activities may not involve water today, except for the rain. Heavy rain that remained along the coastal plain yesterday nudged its way onto Hatteras Island at around 4am this morning (I had to shut the patio door, it sounded like the ocean was in the house). The rain continues this morning with a gusty south wind but should taper off later today. No thunder yet, about 1-3 inches of rain has fallen across North Carolina since yesterday morning. Flooding was reported along the I-95 corridor near Rocky Mount yesterday and overnight.

As far as Montreal goes, great week for me to be away. Sunny skies and warm temperatures all week would likely mean not much to talk about on the blog. Enjoy the weather and the upcoming long weekend.

I will have pictures from Cape Hatteras and Nags Head later today.

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