Sunday, May 09, 2010

Snow on Mother's Day

Above: Snow is falling in Montreal this morning. ValleyWX
Happy Mother's Day

What a spring it has been across this great country of ours. The mercury is on a roller coaster that has witnessed 27C weather on Easter back at the start of April, followed by a record April snowstorm with more snow than the previous 2 months combined, followed by 30C humid heat last Sunday and finally snow this morning. It is currently 1C in both Montreal and Ottawa with snow and a gusty northwest wind to 40km/h making it feel raw and chilly outside. That big storm that produced blizzard conditions in Alberta and severe weather stateside is sweeping east of Montreal today. In the last 24 hours, the storm produced high winds of over 100km/h with widespread damage in Ontario, and enough snow to close Highway 117 in central Quebec as well as a record breaking 7cm snowfall in North Bay. This morning, radar is showing the back edge of the precipitation has changed to snow. As you can see above it is coating the car but not much else on Ile Perrot. Our tulips are taking a beating and look ready to give up. A frost warning is in effect for the suburbs of Montreal for tonight with low temperatures expected below freezing for several hours. Winds and light scattered precipitation will continue for today across the region.

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