Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tropical threat?

Sunset over Pamlico Sound
I took the ferry back from Ocracoke Island at sunset last night. This is by far the best free ride/entertainment on the planet.

The weather is turning more summer like across eastern North America. High pressure will pump warm humid air up the eastern coast all the way into southern Quebec and eastern Ontario. Montreal will likely see its first 90 degree (32C) day this week. meanwhile that same high pressure will capture low pressure developing over the Bahamas, and depending on which computer model you believe bring it back towards the southeast coast as perhaps the first tropical system of the season. The season officially begins June 1, but really mother nature does not follow that schedule. Tropical systems have developed in just about every moth of the year.

If the scenario plays out as the European model would like it to, strong gale force winds and heavy rain could affect us here on the Outer Banks as early as late Monday. There is still lots of uncertainty with this forecast, but it bears close watching which I plan on doing from my vantage point 3 lots back from the mighty Atlantic. In any event warmer and more humid air is upon us, we are currently 74F with 82% RH here in Hatteras. Thunderstorms are a possibility this week at anytime in the sticky air. I will keep you up to date on this tropical threat. If the storm develops and is named, it would be called Alex. TROPICAL UPDATE HERE

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