Friday, May 07, 2010

Weekend Update

A strong cold front swept into Montreal yesterday morning producing several lines of thunderstorms, strong winds and hail. A peak gust of 80km/h was reported at Dorval during a thunderstorm at 11am. This morning clearing skies and much cooler temperatures are left behind the departing front. The weekend forecast is not looking so good at the moment. That storm that affected western Canada with heavy snow is expected to sweep across the Great Lakes and into Quebec. Steady rain, between 20-40mm is forecast for Ontario and Quebec with some thunderstorms as well. Heavy May snow is expected in northern Ontario. There is even the risk of some flurries on Sunday in our region at higher elevations. Behind the storm strong west winds will develop and gust between 60-100km/h along with very cold weather for Mother's Day with high temperatures struggling to hit 7C on Sunday in Montreal. It will remain chilly well into the upcoming week.

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