Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Active tropics

We have several systems of interest in the tropical Atlantic today. First, what was left of Hurricane Irene has battered the UK with hurricane force wind gusts and rain. My weather friend Mark Vogan covers this very well at

Meanwhile the remains of Tropical Storm Lee are pushing into the middle Atlantic with heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms. A warm front associated with the storm will lift northward across Vermont and New York today with steady rain. It will remain south of Montreal, so expect cool northeast winds today and scattered showers. We will only reach 19C for a high.

Hurricane Katia has bounced between being a major category 4 storm and barely a hurricane on her journey. She will pass uncomfortably close to the US east coast this week sending high surf against the already fragile barrier islands, especially the Outer Banks. Advisories are posted for the coastal areas. The storm will then pass through the coastal waters offshore of Atlantic Canada by the weekend.

We also have two others areas of interest one in the Caribbean east of the Lesser Antilles, and the other in the southern Gulf of Mexico. Both systems could be named storms by the end of the week with potential impacts on the islands and the US next week.

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