Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perfect Ten

As summer draws to a close we are looking at a near perfect day today. High pressure will guarantee bright sunshine and warm temperatures in Montreal and region wide into Ontario and New England. Temperatures will rise to 23C in the city and 20-25C across the area. Tomorrow clouds will be on the increase and showers will develop, but it will remain mild at 23C. With the long and chilly nights that occur as falls approaches, some fog formed overnight. It is quite dense in places especially outside the city, but it should dissipate quickly this morning.

Yesterday's North Dakota low pressure area produced heavy rain across southern Manitoba and northwest Ontario. 74mm fell at Winkler, Manitoba with 50-60mm elsewhere. Strong winds were also reported from Saskatchewan and the Dakotas into Manitoba.

T.S. Ophelia: Another tropical storm has formed in the far eastern Atlantic. Ophelia is located about 2200 km east of the Leeward Islands. The system has 45mph winds and is moving west at 13mph. Slow strengthening is likely as Ophelia moves towards the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and eventually the Bahamas by late in the upcoming weekend.

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