Monday, September 26, 2011

Warm weather continues

A stubborn cut off low stalled over the Great Lakes has meant poor weather for southern Ontario but spectacular weather on either side of that system in Quebec and across the west. Yesterday it was hard to tell it was late September with a warm and humid 24C high and light southwest winds. It is already 14C this morning on our way to another warm day at 25C, well above the normal high of 17C. It will be even warmer on Tuesday at 27C (81F) before the Great Lakes storm system moves into out area and hangs around into the weekend with clouds and showers starting some time on Wednesday.

Meanwhile the Prairies and Alberta are scorching under mid-summer heat. Edmonton recorded its warmest day of 2011 with a high of 32.5C smashing the old record of 30.6C set in 1952. They were not the warmest, Leader, Sask. had a high of 35.4C to be the warmest in the country. Assiniboia, Sask. also had a record high of 32.1C. Several other records fell across both provinces and south into Montana and the Dakotas.

SNOW: There is some winter on the weather map but you have to go all the way north into the high Arctic where winter storm warnings are posted for eastern and central Nunavut. A strong fall storm will bring 10-15cm of snow and winds over 70 km/h producing blowing snow and dangerous travel. Enjoy the bonus summer weather here in southern Canada as many were over the weekend. All of us know this weather is a gift and soon the seasons will balance things out.

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