Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More summer weather

NOAA image of a classic comma shaped upper level low spinning to our west and keeping the showers and storms over Ontario.

The sunshine and warm weather will last at least another 2 days here in southern Quebec as a stubborn slow moving upper level low spins to our west. The storm system is detached from the normal flow of air and remains nearly stationary over the upper Midwest. The result is showers and thunderstorms with even waterspouts reported over the Great Lakes since Friday but warm sunshine here in our region. Eventually the system will weaken, dissipate and begin to slowly drift east. We thought that would happen Wednesday, but it looks like we may squeeze another sunny day out of the high pressure. At any event cooler weather and showers are expected by late week and into the weekend. In the meantime we reached 25C (77F) yesterday and we can expect the same today. It is currently 14C in Montreal, and with more darkness than daylight now, we have a very heavy dew outside with patchy fog in places.

I always look around for interesting weather obs in the morning, here is one I thought you might like to see:

GJOA, Nunavut at 6am was -1C with 0.3km visibility in light snow, and an east wind of 60 gusting to 80km/h with a winter storm warning posted for 20cm (8 inches) of snow.

Enjoy our splendid summery weather here in Quebec and eastern Ontario today.

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