Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Katia, Maria and Nate

More heavy rain in southern Vermont tonight has washed out roads and produced flash flooding. (NWS Burlington)

We are currently watching three systems in the open waters of the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Katia continues to move northwest between Bermuda and the US coast. She is forecast to remain out at sea, but huge waves and swell are beginning to impact the coast from the Carolina's to Nova Scotia. Waves could build to between 7 and 10 feet in the surf zone including the south coast of Nova Scotia and Bay of Fundy. Advisories up and down the coast are in effect urging people to be very careful near the open water. The remains of Tropical Storm Lee are producing heavy rain and dangerous flash floods across the southern tier of New York into Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC and Virginia. Heavy rain will continue into the overnight hours on already saturated ground from back to back tropical systems and a very wet August.

If all that was not enough, we have tropical storms Maria and Nate. Maria is moving towards the Lesser Antilles but is still about 1200 miles from any landmass. The storm has 50 mph winds. Nate is more of an immediate concern, located in the Gulf of Mexico about 140 miles west of Campeche. The storm has prompted warnings along the west coast of the Yucatan as well as the Bay of Campeche. Nate has 45mph winds and is nearly stationary. He is expected to resume a slow eastward drift and then move north in the Gulf with the potential to become a hurricane by the weekend.

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