Monday, January 30, 2012

Another clipper on the way

From - snow and blowing snow Saturday night in the GTA.

There is so much ice in my neighbourhood this winter. On Friday we had about 7cm of snow followed by 13mm of rain, all that froze up overnight. I live on the shady side of the street so all the rain froze on my driveway as the temperature sat at the 1C mark most of the day. I was left with about 2 to 3 inches of ice, all the salt in the world is not helping, and so goes the winter of 2011-2012. As mentioned last week we have been plagued with system after system bringing warm air into Montreal. On the weekend we had another clipper system move from the Prairies across Ontario and just south of Montreal. The system was moisture starved with just a few flurries and showers for Montreal but around the Great Lakes numerous snow squalls made travel poor at times. Snow squalls developed across southwest Ontario including Toronto on Saturday and into western New York and the southwest St. Lawrence Valley on Sunday. One component of the low that did affect Montreal was the strong winds. Warnings were posted Saturday night for the city and winds gusted to 76km/h at Trudeau just after midnight, and 90km/h at St Hubert. Sunday was breezy but fair.

A new week begins with the same old forecast, another clipper. Today high pressure will dominate the region with sunny skies and seasonable highs around -6C. We are currently at -10C on L'Ile Perrot with a light west wind making it feel about -13C. Clouds will increase tonight as low pressure and associated warm front move towards Ontario and Quebec. Snow should start overnight in Ottawa and early tomorrow in Montreal and continue most of the day with about 5cm to perhaps as much as 10cm north of the city on Tuesday. The precipitation will mix with freezing rain and eventually rain late in the day as temperatures push to the freezing point and well above by Wednesday. Temperatures will be about -5C on Tuesday but as warm as plus 5C (41F) by Wednesday. The whole mess will freeze up again by Groundhog Day Thursday as temperatures tumble back below freezing. Get the salt ready!

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