Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Freezing Rain Warning...again

This will be my second attempt to write this entry as the first one was eaten by my dog, I mean a cyber gremlin. 

Environment Canada has posted a freezing rain warning once again for southern Quebec and eastern Ontario including the Ottawa Valley. Low pressure over northern Minnesota, will move across the Great Lakes and along the New York/Vermont/Quebec border on Wednesday. Stretching from the low into central New York State is a very slow moving, elongated warm front separating very warm air over southern New York and Ontario to the cold air here in the St. Lawrence Valley. The warm front will slowly lift towards the border and then stall out over the next 36 hours while the low pressure passes just south of Montreal. Snow mixed with freezing rain will affect both Montreal and Ottawa with a general 5-10cm of snow and perhaps 2 to 10mm of freezing rain starting this morning and lasting intermittently until late Wednesday. The greatest risk of freezing rain will be in the valley locations. Temperatures are chilly this morning in Montreal around –10C with a northeast wind, and will very slowly rise to around –2C by Wednesday. South of the front in places like Burlington, Plattsburgh and Toronto temperatures are already near 0C and will soar to around plus 7 or 8C by midday on Wednesday.


Marion Morton said...

Do you have any idea as to why there is so much freezing rain this year as opposed to snow?

SB said...

Hi, thanks for reading. Most of our storms this year have had a tremendous amount of mild air with them. As the warm air overides the colder air trapped in the valley, we end up with freezing rain. Blame it on the jet stream and the general lack of any real arctic air this winter. It looks like more of the same into February.