Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Update

Above & Below: Numerous wild temperature fluctuations this month has slowed snow clearing in the region and created icy roads and sidewalks. (ValleyWX Pic)

Temperatures are falling this morning after the passage of a cold front in the wee hours overnight. We started the night around -3C and are currently at -10C. I don't expect the temperature to warm any today, and it may even fall. Winds are gusty as well producing wind chill values close to -20C in Montreal. That cold front had some nasty snow squalls with it yesterday producing treacherous driving conditions in eastern Ontario. There were numerous accidents with visibility rapidly below 1km at times. The snow accumulated around 5cm in most areas with as much as 15cm south of the border in western New York. However the front went across L' Ile Perrot dry. There were just a few flurries overnight. Such is the case with convective activity, like summer thunderstorms once the source of heat and moisture were taken away (Lake Ontario/daylight) the front fizzled out.

The weekend looks to be much the same way the entire winter has been, variable skies, temperatures, winds and a little snow for good measure. We start today in Montreal with dropping temperatures most of the day down to around -18C or so by midnight. Then it will warm slightly overnight as clouds increase and perhaps a little light snow. Low pressure will move out of the Ohio Valley and into southern New England. I think it will be too far south to give us any appreciable snow. That will be followed by another weak disturbance late Saturday and yest another for Monday. In between look for partly cloudy skies. Temperatures will be cold to start but warm to well above normal again early next week. We could be looking at another snow to rain event Monday with more freezing rain possible.

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