Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac makes landfall in Louisiana as a category 1

Waves crash along and onto Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans today. 
(Gerald Herbert AP)
Hurricane Isaac has touched land, briefly, in the Mississippi Delta at 7:45 ET with 80mph winds. It is moving northwest across the Bayou of southern Louisiana with pounding wind, waves and rain. It will reach solid land shortly just south of metro New Orleans. The storm comes onshore as a strengthening category 1 hurricane.

Storm surge flooding of up to 10 feet have been reported along the Gulf Coast in both Mississippi and on Grand Island, LA. Power is out to over 150,000 already across both states. Numerous roads are closed along the coastal areas as well as in metro New Orleans as flood waters rise. Winds of over 50 mph has been driving waves over the banks of Lake Pontchartrain tonight. Between 12 and 20 inches of rain is forecast with Isaac in New Orleans. Winds are expected to be in the 50 to 75 mph range but have gusted as high as 80mph along the coast and up to 106mph on an oil rig in the open waters of the Gulf.

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