Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac forms

After a guarantee of a spectacular week, we had a few surprise showers yesterday, especially across Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley. The afternoon was generally cloudy but mild in Montreal. Skies have cleared out early this morning and we should have a sunny day with temperatures a few degrees warmer than on Tuesday. Look for high temperatures to settle into the 24 to 27C range. L'Ile Perrot currently sits at our low for the night 15C, as the clouds cleared out late. The forecast looks unchanged, strong high pressure will keep fair skies and warm temperatures across the Ohio Valley and Ontario, northeast into New England, New York and Quebec. Look for a great spell of late summer weather. The only threat for any precipitation will come late in the afternoon on Thursday and Friday with just a slight chance of a shower or rumble of thunder.

Wednesday morning NOAA image of Isaac (center) along with the next potential storm (lower right). South Florida and Cuba are on the upper left side of the image.
Meanwhile Tropical Storm Isaac developed late Tuesday as expected and it now moving towards the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico at about 18mph. Warnings have been raised across the Leeward & Windward Islands, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Haiti and the Dominican. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center are saying the storm is becoming better organized and could be a hurricane within 24 hours. The 3 to 5 day forecast has Isaac approaching extreme south Florida by the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning. This is very far out for any forecast let alone a tropical one, so lots can change. In any event Isaac is poised to be a weather maker for the eastern coast of the US and possibly Canada down the road as we head towards the first anniversary of Hurricane Irene.

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