Friday, April 05, 2013

Half & half weekend for Montreal

Not an exciting picture, but neither is snow in April! I was surprised to see more snow falling outside my window this morning. I keep hoping this will be the last time for winter 2012/2013. A dusting is expected as a weak cold front crosses the city. (VallyWX)
It will not be a perfect weekend, but better than most of the week has been. This morning to top off what has been a blustery, cold week, we have light snow falling in Montreal. A weak cold front is lying over the St. Lawrence Valley with just enough lift to produce light wet snow across the western end of the city. Temperatures are right around the freezing point so most of the snow is melting with the exception of grassy surfaces, cars and the remaining snow piles. The precipitation will taper off soon with an increase in sunshine and gusty winds as well. Temperatures will slowly recover today to around 5C. The weekend will feature high pressure and chilly temperatures for Saturday, perhaps 5 or 6C. The abundant sunshine will be a welcome sight, but it will be short lived. A potent warm front will lift across the region overnight Saturday into Sunday with a mix of rain and snow at the onset, switching to all rain by Sunday morning for eastern Ontario and southwest Quebec. Temperatures will warm to 10C on Sunday with gusty winds up to 50km/h from the southwest. Looking into next week, temperatures will be near normal, but several opportunities for rain are expected.

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