Thursday, April 04, 2013

Slow spring warming trend

Hail did major damage in Hitchcock as storms flared across central Texas late Tuesday night. The hail, the size of softballs, punched out windows and damaged homes. The storms were part of a larger system spreading rain and strong winds along the Gulf Coast. This storm will remain well south of our region.
Warmer air is in our future as we slowly begin to emerge from this windy cold pattern that has greeted us to start April. Winds have been very strong since Monday, generally in the 20-40km/h range but gusting during the daylight hours to well over 70km/h. Today will be no different with winds increasing once again up to 70km/h, but this time from the southwest. Slightly warmer air and a little more sunshine will push highs into the plus 7 to 10C (45-50F) range. This is a vast improvement form the -1C on Tuesday and Wednesday's 2C in Montreal. It has been a dry week with just a few flurries around. The snow has been confined to the area around the Great Lakes with several centimeters in Barrie, Ontario, and over 25cm in Syracuse, NY on Tuesday. The snow cover in Montreal has now dwindled to just some remaining piles on the lawns and parking lots, more here in the suburbs - nothing downtown. Lots of evaporation this week with the wind, so very little water around.

Partly sunny skies today will give way to some clouds on Friday before another sunny day Saturday. After that several low pressure areas will begin to impact the St. Lawrence Valley with showers expected by late Sunday, and a general rain (perhaps as much as 25mm) on Monday into Tuesday. Temperatures are on the rise with highs reaching the double digits by Monday, up to 13C (55F). Looking ahead much milder air is expected by the second and third weeks of April with temperatures finally warming to above normal values.

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