Monday, April 29, 2013

Spectacular spring week ahead

Hydro crews work on a near perfect Sunday to repair damage from a fallen tree on L'Ile Perrot.
It was just a perfect late April weekend in Montreal with temperatures either side of 20C, no precipitation and abundant sunshine. Despite this I managed to lose power for 6 hours on Sunday after a tree fell on a power line on my street. The woods behind our homes have taken a beating this winter right up to last weeks high winds. I guess the tree chose the nicest day of April to finally give up!

As far as this week goes, a few clouds and perhaps a shower are around today as the remains of a week low move from Ohio across upstate New York. Once this cloud moves east, strong high pressure will develop for the remainder of the week with no precipitation and warm temperatures around 21C (70F). Lows will be mild as well no colder than 5C. With low relative humidity and the drying sun, we will have to watch all outdoor burning as the fire risk in Ontario and Quebec will be on the rise.

It won't be perfect everywhere. Some portions of the northern plain states into southern Manitoba and northwest Ontario could see some snow this week. Wet snow is even forecast for Edmonton today with a high of only 3C. Warnings are already in effect for up to 15cm of snow in the inter-lakes region north of Winnipeg.

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