Thursday, April 25, 2013

Windy overnight - clearing today in Montreal

A very slow moving cold front finally arrived in Montreal during the wee hours of the morning today along with strong winds and rapidly dropping temperatures. All day yesterday the rain fell across southern Ontario with temperatures in the cold single digits between 3 and 6C. There was even some wet snow in places like London and Wiarton. Meanwhile Ottawa reached 18C and Montreal 22C on warm southerly winds. That changed around midnight when the front moved across the St. Lawrence Valley. The temperature fell to where it sits this morning at 3C here in Montreal. Winds were strong across the region  with several gusts reported at Trudeau in excess of 80km/h with a peak at 2am this morning of 83km/h. The wind was responsible for power outages to nearly 10,000 Hydro Quebec subscribers, mostly off island to the north of Montreal. Of note, due to the location of my anemometer, my highest reading was 45km/h. This is something I will be taking a look at this summer, possibly finding a better location.

Rain along the front here on L'Ile Perrot was much more spotty than in Ontario. We only recorded between 3 and 5mm, southern Ontario on the other hand recorded between 10-20mm. Skies will slowly clear out today with blustery winds and much cooler highs of around 11C. The weekend at this time looks warmer with temperature inching back up to above normal, perhaps into the 20's by Monday.

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