Monday, May 20, 2013

Historic tornado - catastrophic damage in Moore Oklahoma

From CBS News - complete destruction in Moore, Oklahoma this afternoon.
9:30pm UPDATE: Death toll currently at 51 including at least 7 at elementary school. Just heartbreaking the loss of life and level of destruction from this tornado.
From CNN a shopping mall in Moore. It is hard to understand just how intense this storm was.
A massive tornado up to two miles wide at times has struck Moore, Oklahoma with preliminary wind estimates in the EF4 category or up to 200mph. The storm struck at around 3:30pm local time today and has caused complete and catastrophic damage in many neighborhoods around Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City. There are reports of numerous injuries and fatalities but no solid numbers as the story continues to unfold.
This same region was flattened by an EF5 tornado in May 1999. I was living in Saskatchewan at the time and remember the storms that night stretching from my own backyard south to Texas. It was surreal. The damage this time appears to be worse in many parts of Moore. One of the buildings struck was Plaza Towers Elementary School with first responders on the ground searching frantically for survivors.

In Montreal...
A frontal boundary remains just south of the region on this Victoria Day Monday. Showers this morning in Montreal gave way to sunshine and warm temperatures as the front slipped a little further south. Low pressure in the Midwest will ride along the front with periods of rain and thunderstorms expected for the middle portion of the week for southern Quebec and Ontario. The front separates warm and humid air to the south from cooler but still moist air to the north. This system has a history of severe weather with large thunderstorms and tornadoes occurring yesterday from Minnesota to Oklahoma. Hardest hit yesterday was Shawnee, Oklahoma where one fatality was reported with hundreds of injuries. I wrote this earlier and as you can see the severe weather continues today with the Moore tornado.

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