Thursday, May 02, 2013

Sunny - warm for Montreal

A very simple forecast to start May, sunshine and warm for the St. Lawrence Valley. That is it, period. High pressure will remain nearly stationary over Quebec with light winds and abundant sunshine in Montreal through Sunday. High temperatures will be from 24 to 27C, yes folks that is 75-80F! Lows will range in the 10 to 13C range (50-55F). Enjoy, but please be extra careful with any outdoor burning across the entire region (that includes cigarettes). As a matter of fact there is an outdoor burn ban in effect in New York State. The entire region is dry with lots of fuel on the ground in the form of dry leaves and such left over from last fall.

There is nasty weather on the map this morning. Snow continues to be a problem across portions of the upper Midwest, including Minneapolis.  That threat will shift south towards Kansas City over the next 24 hours. Very rare but not impossible snow for May with amounts in the 5 to 10 inch rage. Snow is also possible over northwest Ontario including Thunder Bay where 10cm is possible. Yesterday numerous roads were closed in Manitoba due to ice and snow. The numbers are in for some western locations, and April was cold. Regina was over 6C colder than average and Edmonton nearly 5 degrees below normal.

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