Friday, May 17, 2013

Rankin Inlet buried under massive snowstorm

The calender does say May, but it is still very much winter in several parts of northern Canada. The tiny Hamlet of Rankin Inlet on Hudson Bay in Nunavut was hit this week by a record setting blizzard. Nearly 100cm of snow (40 inches) piled up over a 3 day period. Keep in mind the normal yearly snowfall for Rankin Inlet is 119.7cm according to Environment Canada, so that represents about 75% of their annual total in one storm. Daily and monthly records were also established as well as the most snow on the ground in any season at 150cm. Roads and businesses were closed as fierce wind piled the snow into 15 foot drifts. The snow was brought into the region on easterly winds blowing off Hudson Bay. Normally the bay would be frozen solid but with large portions not covered by ice, the moisture was available. Another 10cm of snow fell yesterday. This morning it is -2C and still snowing lightly.

Montreal weekend weather...
Thankfully there is no snow in our forecast. The first long weekend of the summer is upon us with dry weather and mild temperatures expected. It wont be a perfect weekend, but I expect more sunshine than clouds and just a slight chance of an afternoon shower, especially by Monday. Temperatures will be either side of 20C from today through Monday. Overnight lows will be cool around 7C. We really need some moisture as conditions continue dangerously dry across eastern Ontario, Quebec and New England. Be very vigilant with any outdoor burning. Looking ahead into next week some rainfall is possible.

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