Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moore Oklahoma tornado kills dozens - hundreds injured

From KFOR news chopper, an image of the Moore tornado on Monday.
UPDATE: A little bit of good news in this terrible tragedy, the death toll has been lowered to 24. The Chief Medical Examiners office has said that earlier reports were wrong. Other good news was that nearly 100 people have been pulled from the rubble alive since rescue efforts began.

Search and rescue efforts continue this morning in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore after a powerful tornado on Monday. The storm is estimated at and EF4 with 200mph winds and a damage path as much as 2 miles wide at times. The storm brought death and complete destruction to entire neighborhoods, targeting several retail outlets, schools and a hospital. The death toll is rising with many of them children. Over 200 have been injured. The images are heartbreaking and at times hard to comprehend. The power of this storm was just incredible, a very rare tornado, but sadly too common in this part of the US.

The threat for severe weather remains today across the southern plains and into the Midwest and Great Lakes including an area from Texas to Ontario. Several thunderstorms are even likely into southern Ontario and Quebec with the risk of severe weather in southwest Ontario according to Environment Canada. The main focus here in the St. Lawrence Valley will be heavy rain with up to 50mm (2 inches) possible between this evening and Thursday.

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