Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Strong thunderstorms possible today in Ontario & Quebec

Crews repair power lines damaged by strong winds near Waterloo, Ontario. (Waterloo Record)
A warm front remains to the south of Montreal this morning separating cool, muggy air in the city from much warmer and humid air south of the front. Yesterday we managed 19C (66F) while areas in southwest Ontario and into Central New York State were closer to 27C (81F). The result was numerous strong to severe thunderstorms across western New York, southern Ontario as far east as Ottawa and Cornwall and into Vermont. Montreal remained just north of this activity with about 6mm of rain and the occasional rumble of thunder. The storms produced hail, heavy rain, frequent lighting and wind damage. Power was out to thousands in Ontario. A tornado was even reported east of Albany, NY that headed into the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Flooding was reported near Fergus, Ontario.

Tornado threat today from the NOAA Storm Prediction Center. I think the main threat in our regions will be high winds and some hail.
Today nearly 50 million people from the deep south into Ontario and extreme southern Quebec remain at risk for severe weather. I think the main threat for us once again will be heavy rain later today. In Ontario strong storms with hail and high winds are possible south and west of Brockville. There is even a possibility today of some isolated tornadoes in extreme southwest Ontario. Temperatures in Montreal will make it to a muggy 21C (70F), but much warmer south of us into the high 20`s in Vermont and New York. More rain is forecast in Thursday with the risk for further thunderstorms. Watch my twitter feed today for any updates and warnings or watches.

In Moore, Oklahoma yesterday strong storms and rain hampered search efforts in the morning before the sun finally broke out in the afternoon. There was finally a little better news with the death toll adjusted to 24. First responders are credited with rescuing over 100 hundred from the ruble. The National Weather Service has said that the storm reached EF 5 level with 200 mph plus winds as it tore through the Plaza Towers Elementary School.

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