Friday, August 02, 2013

Just another summer 2013 weekend in Montreal

A spectacular shot Tweeted by the National Weather Service office in Mobile, Alabama of thunderstorms lighting up the night sky over the Gulf of Mexico.
The weekend weather won't be perfect, but not many have them have been in Montreal during this bizarre summer. July is over and with it record heat, record cold and lots of rain for Quebec and Ontario. Rain fell in places where it normally does not in July, like Death Valley, California (0.75"). None fell in places where it is wet all the time, like Seattle that had a trace of precipitation for July. August appears to be no different as the same weather pattern remains in place. So temperatures will soar into the high 20's near 80F in Greenland and across the far north while it remains in the low 20's (70F) across the Great Lakes and southern Quebec.

On Thursday another 10mm of rain fell on L'Ile Perrot in afternoon thunderstorms, some that were quite gusty with strong winds and torrential rain. This morning it is muggy with fog and clouds. Sunshine will break through allowing the temperature to rise to 24C (76F) and the atmosphere to become unstable once again. Look for a 40% chance of storms this afternoon. The same forecast for Saturday can be expected across the region. Sunday looks a little cooler with showers. No real hot air in sight next week as temperatures remain below normal for August in Montreal.

TD Dorian
The remains of once tropical storm Dorian are showing some signs of strengthening off the southeast coast of Florida this morning. The system will be watched closely by the NHC as it continues
to slowly drift north northeast along the coast. Gusty winds and rain will affect the coastal waters between Florida and the Bahamas today.

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