Friday, August 09, 2013

Arctic heatwave - Inuvik warmer than Toronto

It was 27C yesterday in Toronto, 28C in Montreal, warm for what has been generally a cool summer. However in the far north and across the high Arctic, it has been downright hot with records falling in both the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. Yesterday Inuvik, NWT established a new record high of 30.4C (86F) beating the old record of 28.1C set in 1989. The normal high for early August is 17C (63F). More heat today and into the weekend with forecast highs of 28C. Even across the high Arctic, Rankin Inlet was 25C (77F) the normal high is 15C, and Sachs Harbor was 19C their normal high is 7C. Sunshine and warmth is forecast right through the weekend and into next week. Vacation plans anybody?

Photo of an EF-0 tornado near Orillia, Ontario on Wednesday. (CBC News)
Ontario Tornadoes
Environment Canada has confirmed three tornadoes in Ontario on Wednesday bringing the total to 14 for the season. Three EF-0 (Enhanced Fujita Scale 0-5) storms occurred in Arthur/Grand Valley, Orillia and near Carnarvon. Meanwhile a waterspout was reported in the Kawartha Lakes region. The storms were capable of winds in excess of 100km/h, but thankfully no major damage or injuries were reported.

A cold front sagged slowly south across the Montreal region overnight with showers and a rumble of thunder. About 11mm of rain fell here on L'Ile Perrot. The bigger storms remained to our south over New York and Vermont where up to 5 inches (125mm) of rain has fallen overnight. Flash flood watches and warnings are in place today in Vermont and New York south of Burlington and Plattsburgh with more thunderstorms developing in the warm and humid air. The good news is that high pressure will arrive for the weekend with mild and dry air. Look for sunshine in Montreal both Saturday and Sunday with highs near 24C (76F), perfect late summer weather.

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