Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Late summer heatwave

Very hot weather is blanketing the upper Midwest, western Great Lakes into portions of northwest Ontario and the southern Prairies. It has not been a great summer in the Midwest with lots of cool, wet weather but such is not the case this week. Temperatures will soar into the low 30's from Regina to Thunder Bay. South of the border Minneapolis is already 80F this morning on the way to 95F. Excessive heat warnings and advisories are in effect across that region. The heat will last through the Labor Day weekend.

Meanwhile along the periphery of the warm dome of air, showers, thunderstorms and very humid weather prevails from the eastern Lakes into southern Quebec. Most of the wet weather yesterday remained in Ontario and such will be the case today as well. It will remain that way through most of the week. Temperatures today in Montreal will reach 27C (80F) but with high humidity, 94% this morning, and dew points in the low 20's making it feel uncomfortable. It is misty and muggy this morning in Montreal and already 21C (70F). So back to school this week will be warm especially in those older schools without A/C.

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