Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunshine - warm for Quebec & Ontario

Temperatures on Sunday reached around 27C (80F) in most of southern Quebec with a southwest breeze and plenty of sunshine. The forecast is very simple for most of this work week, sunny and dry with temperatures between 28 and 32C. (85-90F). An increase in humidity by Thursday will result in more clouds and perhaps some thunderstorms by late in the day. Conditions will turn cooler by Friday. Until then enjoy the outdoors, the weather will be perfect.

After record breaking heat early in August, parts of the high Arctic have come back down to reality. A snowfall warning was in effect overnight for Grise Fiord in Nunavut where 15-25cm of snow was forecast. It is -1C this morning with light snow from Grise Fiord north into Eureka and Alert. The week looks cold with occasional flurries and temperature below freezing.

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