Friday, August 30, 2013

The end of summer 2013

It is so hard for me to believe summer is over. As with many in Canada, it is my favorite season and always has been. When we look back at summer 2013, most people say the same, it was ok, just ok. Nothing spectacular either way with just the one heatwave in July and pretty much near normal weather the rest of the time. I know there were plenty of thunderstorms around the region, especially Vermont, but as far a L'Ile Perrot goes, not so much. One strong storm so far and otherwise most missed the Island to the north or south. There has been a little more cloud and showers and far too many 23C days for my liking!

Summer 2013 will end on a muggy note across the entire region with showers developing later today and showers and thunderstorms expected for the long Labor Day weekend. Temperatures will be near 27C (80F) in most areas from the St. Lawrence Valley into New England. The humidity will make it feel a little warmer. The best chance for stronger thunderstorms will be on Saturday. The warm and humid weather will continue into early next week before a cold front brings some September weather by Wednesday.

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