Monday, September 16, 2013

Another early frost expected for southern Quebec

Our rather unusual September will continue with near record lows forecast for many parts of southern Quebec and New England tonight. This occurring just days after record warmth and strong summer thunderstorms. L'Ile Perrot was chilly this morning after a cold front brought us around 10mm of rain overnight. The temperatures around the area this morning range from 5 to 9C. It was cold and wet walking the dog. Clearing skies have already moved into the Ottawa Valley, and they should arrive in Montreal by mid morning. Look for temperatures to rebound to near 15C before diving down to near the freezing point tonight with patchy frost in the city and suburbs. Away from the water most areas north and southeast of the city and across northern New England will see frost. Frost warnings have been posted for those regions and I suspect the growing season may come to an end in several communities. Remember it is still summer!

Ingrid is located near the Mexican Gulf Coast this morning with 75mph winds. Wind and a storm surge are likely along the immediate coast from extreme south Texas into Mexico but the main threat will be rain. Ingrid will weaken after landfall this morning but move slowly into the mountainous terrain of central Mexico. The slow moving nature of the storm combined with the mountains will produce copious amounts of rain. Major flooding and mudslides are expected for this area with the potential for damage and loss of life quite high. Up to 25 inches of rain may fall this week in that region.

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