Friday, September 13, 2013

Cooler less humid weekend for Montreal

Lightning illuminates US 1A in North Hampton Beach.
It has been a really wild weather week with record heat sparking big thunderstorms over Quebec, Ontario and New England. The storms dumped 50-100mm from Montreal south with flooding, power outages and trees down. Now colder air is settling in with just a few showers around. Wednesday's near record high of 31C in Montreal is long gone as we will struggle to hit 16C today.

Meanwhile major flooding occurred in Boulder, Colorado yesterday with as much as 10 inches of rain sweeping away cars, homes and everything in its path. Three fatalities were reported in what some are describing as a 500 year flood very similar in nature to what happened in Alberta this year.

Finally the tropics remain active with a weak but very wet tropical depression Gabrielle about to interact with a cold front and deluge Atlantic Canada. Heavy rain warnings are posted for up to 100mm of rain along with 70 km/h winds in Cape Breton and later western Newfoundland. In the Gulf of Mexico TD 10 has formed and is forecast to become a tropical storm and affect Mexico and south Texas this weekend with torrential rain and flooding.

This is my last day blogging with the crashing surf in the background. I could live here, just missing my dog and I would move in! It has been an active week here with July heat followed by strong storms. I leave you with two of the best lightning shots I have ever taken above and below. I took them in the early hours of Thursday morning looking across US 1A into the Atlantic Ocean.

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