Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Enjoy this autumn gift

There are only three months until Christmas Day! Now that I have your attention, think about it, today will be sunny and nearly 21C (70F). Now think about the incredible transition the weather will go through over the next three months and along with it our bodies, pets, homes, cars etc and you get the picture. All that to say enjoy the next several days a we really get a gift from God and mother nature. With low pressure stuck off the Atlantic Canada coast, high pressure is very slowly drifting across Ontario and Quebec this week. The nights will be cool with lots of dew and even frost away from the metro areas and bodies of water. But the days will be spectacular, just a few clouds and warm temperatures, well above normal into the 20's right through the weekend. The weather will provide exceptional viewing of the fall colors that are starting to burst across the region, especially the higher elevations south of Montreal.

From The Weather Channel, the white peaks of the Big Sky Country in Montana. Snow fell already during the past week as the seasons begin the change. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth of this week in Montreal.
There are signs of the change of seasons, many trees are sporting color now, and we are stating to see lots of flocks of Canadian geese heading south over L'Ile Perrot, a stopping spot on there trek south to the Carolina's and points beyond. Another sign that we have a change in the seasons underway is coming from the Rockies northwest into Alaska where some snow has already fallen.

Cody the Stormchaser
One of my friends & colleagues from my days at the Kemptville Advance has a great blog called The Accidental Farmwife. This week she writes about two subjects near and dear to my heart, dogs and weather. I know it all too well just how reliable dogs are at predicting thunderstorms, her Cody and my Bella, little furry barometers. Have a read HERE

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