Sunday, September 08, 2013

Cold frosty night then warm week ahead

Well I am finally taking a little break from the routine with a few days on the coast in southern New Hampshire and northeast Massachusetts. August was a very busy month with lots of changes in my life and family, so I am glad to change it up and see some different weather. When I return to Montreal, I will be back in the newspaper business, where I belong, working for The Suburban, who are celebrating their 50th year publishing in 2013.

Now back to the weather. Sunshine this morning here in Hampton Beach and mild as a cold front lies to our north. That front passed through Montreal and southern Quebec overnight with a few showers and cooler weather. Temperatures will be cooler today in Montreal, around 19C. Tonight it will be clear and cold again with frost across regions north of Montreal, and in northern Vermont and New York. Temperatures will be near 6C in Montreal but as cold as 0C in the Townships. Then a big warm up is on the way with perhaps 30C by mid-week in Montreal. It will be a warm and humid week with thunderstorms by Thursday.

I will be blogging from the coast for a few days so look for some new pictures soon. For now I leave you with sunrise this morning at North Hampton Beach.
Sunrise on North Hampton Beach this morning.(Valley WX)

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