Friday, October 30, 2015

Dry Halloween forecast but a wet start to November

Halloween looks dry and cool for Trick or Treating in Montreal.
Daylight Savings Time ends at 2am Sunday morning, so don't forget to turn your clocks back 1 hour.

The strong winds of Thursday are slowly abating this morning after gusts in excess of 75km/h in Montreal. Damage was minimal across the region with just a few large tree branches reported down. The same was true across eastern Ontario where winds gusted up to 100km/h. A few sporadic power outages were also reported.

High pressure will move into southern Quebec today with temperatures on the cool side, 6C (43F) and winds gusty at times up to 40km/h. Clear skies overnight will allow for the temperature to drop below freezing to -1C (30F). Halloween at this time looks dry with clouds increasing and a seasonable high of 7C (45F). Trick or Treat time in Montreal is expected to be cloudy and around 6C (43F). Showers will develop very late in the evening around midnight and continue into Sunday. Next week at this time looks very mild for the start of November with temperatures running above normal near 15C for a good part of the week. A cooling trend is expected by the end of the week, but nothing drastic at this time.

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