Friday, October 23, 2015

Hurricane Patricia strongest ever in Western Hemisphere

A NOAA satellite image of dangerous Hurricane Patricia earlier this morning.
Hurricane Patricia, located 160 miles (255km) south-southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico, is now the strongest storm on record for the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Patricia, stronger than Katrina, Wilma or Sandy, has exploded into a major category 5 hurricane within the last 24 hours with winds of 200mph (325km/h).

The National Hurricane Center has posted a hurricane warning for a portion of the coast from San Blas to Punto San Telmo south of Puerto Vallarta and well north of Acapulco. Patricia has a record low central pressure of 880mb, even lower than Hurricane Wilma (882mb) from 2005. Patricia is moving north-northwest at 10mph. The storm will bring a catastrophic storm surge to the coast and torrential rain inland with 6-12 inches forecast along the coast and into the mountains of central Mexico. Dangerous flash flooding and mudslides are expected. Evacuations in coastal areas are being rushed to completion this morning. Patricia should make landfall later this afternoon or early this evening.

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