Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Warmer than normal end to October in Montreal

A relatively mild and tame zonal flow is forecast to end October and start November in Montreal. AccuWeather.com
It looks like a warmer end to October and start to November is on tap for Montreal and southern Quebec. The cold air that invaded the region this past weekend will not likely occur again for several weeks. This is typical as we head into an El Nino fall and winter. El Nino is the warm phase of regular water temperature fluctuations in the tropical Pacific off the coast of South America. This event typically alters weather patterns around the globe and produces much milder winters in southern Canada.

This morning, we are already befitting from the milder air. The temperature is 12C (54F) here on L'Ile Perrot and at Trudeau Airport, a full 19 degrees above the observed temperature just 24 hours ago. A stiff southwest breeze has been blowing all night, gusting up to 60km/h at Trudeau Airport. A frontal boundary to our north will slip back south of Montreal today with more scattered showers and slightly cooler air by tonight. After a high of 13C (55F) today, we can expect a dip down to -1C tonight with frost. Wednesday will see more clouds and showers as the front oscillates back to the north with a high of 7C (45F). The roller coaster weather will continue into the weekend with one day of sunshine and cooler temperatures followed by one with milder air and showers. The image above shows you how the current pattern can keep Montreal extremely variable as the jet stream slips just north or south of the St. Lawrence Valley.

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