Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Windy & wet fall storm for Quebec and Ontario

Heavy rain and gusty winds from the remains of Patricia will spread north and east towards southern Quebec. (AccuWeather)
Moisture from the remains of Hurricane Patricia along with a deepening area of low pressure in the Mississippi Valley will begin to affect Ontario and Quebec. The low pressure will lift north into the central Great Lakes over the next few days. The system will spread a surge of rain and  perhaps a thunderstorm north into Ontario and eventually southern Quebec. After a sunny Tuesday across the region, clouds will be on the increase early Wednesday. Rain will develop from southwest to northeast and become heavy at times by the evening. Expect a decent rainfall with 25 to 50mm (1 to 2 inches) forecast from southwest Ontario towards Quebec City by Thursday. Strong winds will also be a factor with this fall storm reaching 90km/h (50mph) or greater along the shores of Lake Erie and Ontario by late Wednesday and perhaps 70km/h in Montreal and the St. Lawrence Valley.

Temperatures will be near normal today, 10C (50F) and warm to 15C (59F) by Thursday in the southwest winds ahead of the storm. Cooler air will return by Friday and the weekend. At this time Halloween looks dry for trick or treating in Montreal with showers forecast after midnight.

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