Friday, October 16, 2015

Frost & freezing temperatures for southern Quebec & Ontario

Widespread frost will bring the growing season to an end this weekend in metro Montreal (AccuWeather).
As advertised this week, the coldest air of the fall season will move acorns the Great Lakes and into Ontario, Quebec and New England starting today. This continues what has been a rather unsettled week with lots of clouds and periodic showers. A potent cold front brought a round of showers and thunderstorms to Montreal late Thursday evening. While not severe, the storms did produce heavy rain and lightning with close to 15mm of rain in the city.

Temperatures have been cooling off behind each front, and will struggle to reach 10C (50F) today. Another set of cold fronts will cross the St. Lawrence Valley today with more showers and cool air pouring into the region. Any shower activity has the potential to mix with snow, especially north of Montreal and around the Great Lakes late today through Saturday. Temperatures will drop to near freezing tonight and only up to 6C (43F) Saturday in Montreal. Both Sunday and Monday mornings we can expect a widespread killing frost with lows from -2C (28F) in the city to as cold as -10C (14F) north and south of Montreal.

Photo of a waterspout over Lake Michigan this week. More are expected today and over the weekend. @grafnaturephoto
As the cold water moves across the much warmer Great Lakes, there is a risk of some waterspouts forming. These short lived, small scale tornado like weather systems can cause problems for boaters and communities adjacent to the lakes. They will be brief but spectacular nonetheless. In addition to that, a lake effect snow watch has been posted for portions of Ontario adjacent to Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. Snow squalls may develop over the next 24 hours and produce as much as 15cm of heavy wet snow.

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