Sunday, October 28, 2012

High winds in Montreal from hurricane Sandy

Sandy, located off the southeast coast of the US is sending clouds 1000 of miles north into southern Quebec.
The big weather story all week will be hurricane Sandy and what she becomes once moving inland over New Jersey on Monday. Today, despite being hundreds of miles off the coast of the middle Atlantic, the storm managed to increase winds and seas all day long from the Carolina's to Long Island, NY. The Outer Banks of North Carolina have been hammered with coastal flooding and widespread power outages. Highway 12 that runs along the Outer Banks has been closed at Oregon Inlet.

The remains of Sandy will be in southern Quebec by the middle of the week.
The storm will impact our weather here in Montreal with very strong winds during a 12 to 24 hour period beginning late Monday. Look for winds out of the northeast in the 60-80km/h range and gusting to 100km/h by Monday evening. In the last hour, despite being over 1000 miles from the center, winds have hit 32km/h in Montreal and 58km/h in Quebec City. High Wind Warnings are in effect for the US border counties and I expect we may see some wind warnings for our area by morning. Storm warnings are out for Lakes Ontario and Erie as well as the St. Lawrence Seaway.

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