Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend weather for Montreal

Waves from Rafael pound a coastal road near Trepassey, Newfoundland. 
(The Weather Network)
What a gem of a day Thursday was, a true gift this late in the season. Under warm sunshine the temperature reached nearly 20C here in the city. Sadly it has come to an end for a little while, maybe until next April! This morning we have lots of rain on the radar moving from south to north across the Adirondacks of New York and into southwestern Quebec and extreme eastern Ontario. Already about 5mm has fallen at my home on L'Ile Perrot with much heavier rain just to our south moving in at this time. We will add about 40mm to that over the next 24 hours, just below the warning criteria of 50mm (2 inches). North of the city into the Laurentians there will be over 50mm, so a heavy rainfall warning is posted there. Temperatures with the rain today will be very mild around 16C. The weekend looks showery, breezy and cooler as we head into Sunday. Looking ahead into next week we have a cold air mass building into Western Canada with some snowflakes possible. That cold air will likely arrive here in the east by next weekend. Time will tell.

Below: Yesterday the strong winds that affected the Prairies, moved into the Dakotas with lots of damage. Gusts to over 70mph in the Dakotas knocked down power lines, spread wildfires and blew transport trucks off of Interstates. Further south the wind created dust storms in Kansas and Oklahoma closing down several highways after numerous accidents in low visibility.

High winds, over 70mph, topple semi trucks like toys in Belvidere, South Dakota on Thursday.
Top Photo: In Newfoundland post tropical storm Rafael passed about 500km off the coast of Cape Race. The heavy seas and towering waves caused major damage to coastal infrastructure along the Avalon including in Trepassey. Some roads were inundated with sea water and debris. One resident told The Weather Network that the damage was worse in her area then that from Hurricane Igor. Amazing the power of water from a system passing so far out at sea.

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