Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sunshine before the rain

Enjoy the next 24 hours because the weather is going to turn wet and windy for Friday and Saturday with showers into Sunday. A warm front has lifted north of Montreal this morning with just a few clouds and a sprinkle or two. Skies will clear out quickly in eastern Ontario and southwestern Quebec, and we will enjoy a sunny and warm day today with highs touching 20C and maybe even a 21C (70F) in a few places. Winds will be gusty at times out of the south driving in the warm air. Clouds will increase overnight with rain developing by Friday morning in response to low pressure and an occluded front moving in from the Midwest. This same system delayed and eventually postponed the Yankees and Tigers MLB Playoff game last night in Detroit and produced severe weather in the deep south with several reports of tornadoes. The storm also produced strong winds across the Prairies on Wednesday with gusts up to 94km/h at Assiniboia, Saskatchewan and in the 70-90km/h range elsewhere into Manitoba.

Montreal can expect steady rain all day Friday with amounts in the 30-40mm range and up to 50mm (2 inches) by the time it ends on Saturday. Winds will be gusty at times up to 40 or 50km/h. At this time both wind and rain are expected to remain below advisory level but it will bear watching. Sunday will be damp and partly cloudy with a few remaining showers. Temperatures throughout the early portion of the forecast will be mild but cooling off towards Sunday. Highs will be 15 to 20C with lows of 7 to 10C. No really cold air is in sight at this time. That being said, I still plan on getting the snow tires on before the end of this month. Just call it a gut feeling.

Post tropical storm Rafael is located about 400km southeast of Cape Race, Newfoundland this morning and moving rapidly across the Grand Banks. The storm will produce very heavy surf today along the eastern coast of that province with a high surf advisory in place for the Avalon. Seas will build to 7 metres along the coast, but should subside later tonight.

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