Friday, October 05, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Update - No snow...yet

A truck rolls along the Trans Canada in snowy Manitoba on Thursday. The early snowstorm cut power and slowed travel, including this combine. (Photo: John Woods - Canadian Press)
That wild snowstorm that sent the weather from the low 80`s with grass and brush fires in Minnesota and Manitoba down to the 30`s with snow, has now moved into northwest Ontario and is weakening this morning. The storm was responsible for accumulations in the 10 to 30cm (4-12 inch) range with winds in excess of 70km/h. The snow spread from northeast North Dakota across northern Minnesota, northwest Ontario and southeast Manitoba. This combination closed schools, knocked down trees and power lines and forced major delays in road travel. Snow does often occur in October across this region, bit not this early and rarely this intense. Temperatures in some areas dropped more than 30 degrees in less than 24 hours. A hard freeze across the Prairies and northern US Plains is bringing an end to the growing season in many areas this morning.

Quebec & Ontario
On the other end of the scale southern Quebec and Ontario are enjoying very mild weather this morning with the mercury already at 15C here in Montreal on the way to a warm 21C. The area remains under a warm southwest flow with winds expected near 50km/h today, bringing in warm and humid air from the southern US. There has been lots of fog around this week, a product of the longer nights which allow temperatures to cool rapidly after sunset. Enjoy this as major changes are expected beginning tonight. A strong cold front will begin to cross the area overnight with a steady rain and cooling temperatures. Highs on Saturday will be in the 15C range and that will drop to 10C by Sunday. Look for an unsettled Thanksgiving Weekend with below normal temperatures and a risk of showers each day. More rain is likely to start next week as a series of low pressure areas affects southern Quebec.

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