Monday, October 29, 2012

Massive Sandy makes landfall in New Jersey

Major wave action in Scituate, Massachusetts. (Boston Globe)
Sandy has made landfall near Atlantic City. The outer rain bands and strong winds are moving as far inland as Ontario and Quebec at this hour.

Flooding in Cape May today
Just minutes ago Hurricane Sandy, now post tropical, made landfall near Atlantic City, New Jersey. Howling winds off the Atlantic Ocean continue to pile up water along the coast with major flooding being reported and record surges. Flooding has washed away coastal infrastructure along the coast from Maine to North Carolina. New Jersey has been hard hit with numerous communities cut off tonight. Major flooding is occurring in New York City at this hour as a record surge continues with the high tide. Over 3 million are without power in 16 states and two provinces. The leading edge of heavy rain is moving into Ontario tonight with a few showers about to move into Montreal. Winds are gusting out of the northeast in Montreal up to 60km/h. A wind warning remains posted with winds expected to gust to 100km/h in the next few hours. The storm has turned deadly in Ontario with a women killed by flying debris in Toronto.

Major flooding has occurred in metro New York including Manhattan where the Hudson River has spilled its banks on both the New York and New Jersey sides. (Getty Images)
Off the coast of North Carolina this morning a tall ship, The Bounty, went down dumping the crew of 17 into the churning Atlantic. Coast Guard from Elizabeth City, North Carolina rescued 15 of them with 2 missing. The body of one has since been recovered with the second still missing. There is a growing list of damage and destruction occurring across New York and the middle Atlantic as well as New England. This storm has so many many different facets to it. I will continue to watch the weather and update it overnight as needed.

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