Thursday, June 14, 2012

Abundant sunshine

Happy Flag Day! The stars and stripes with Mount Washington in the background. (ValleyWX Pic).
The image above shows it all, forecasts do not get any easier than this. Strong high pressure will settle into southern Quebec and affect all of Ontario and New England well into next week. As a result the entire forecast period is the same, sunny and dry days with highs from 23C today and Friday up to the low 30's by the start of next week. Lows will be seasonable to start around 12C but also warm into the mid teens. The high will slowly slide southeast off the Atlantic coast with an increase in humidity and perhaps some showers but not until late next week.

June 14, 1966 in Montreal. (double click to make it larger)
Today is Flag Day in the US and also my birthday! I can't believe how quickly the years pass, but life has been great to me and for that I am ever so thankful. I posted a snippet above of the weather on June 14, 1966, I was born between 4 and 5pm. As you can see it was a warm and humid day with what my mother had always described to me as a fierce thunderstorm when I was born. Apparently power was out and trees were knocked down. There is also a family rumor about us loosing a screen door at our home on the St. Lawrence River in Verdun. In any event it speaks volumes of both my fear, respect and love of weather.

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