Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heavy showers today

Kuujjuarapik Airport on Hudson Bay (B) reached 31C yesterday, warmer than Montreal (A) at 30C.
The region will receive a break today from yesterdays sweltering heat and humidity. The mercury rose to 32.5C in Ottawa and 32.2C in Kemptville for some of the warmest readings in the country. Montreal reached 30.3C at the airport with 31C here on L'Ile Perrot and 32C southwest of Montreal in St Anicet. The heat spread all the way into far northwestern Quebec with Kuujjuarapik Airport on Hudson Bay reaching a record high of 31C (88F). (This is roughly 1125km from Montreal) This morning the airport was at 19C (66F) one hour ago, but reality has returned quickly with the wind blowing in off the water. The temperature has plummeted to 5C (41F) and they have 0.6km visibility in fog. Ouch - that is one quick turnaround!

Here in the south, cloud cover allowed temperatures to remain uncomfortably warm overnight and most areas are sitting close to 20C this morning. A slow moving cold front is inching its way across Ontario and heading for western Quebec. Gusty showers and perhaps some thunder are possible beginning this morning in the Ottawa Valley and spreading into Montreal by early afternoon. Some of the storms could produce heavy rain with some ponding of water on roads again, but not the generalized flash flooding of two weeks ago. In any event a good 25-40mm is not out of the question in many locations. The rain and showers will taper off by Wednesday, setting us up for a long period of sunny and warm weather into the weekend. With abundant sunshine temperatures will warm to 30C by Saturday.

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