Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hot in Labrador - snow in Manitoba

A rare June snow in Gillam, Manitoba.. (The Weather Network)
I posted yesterday about the heat across far northern Quebec on Monday. Well the odd late spring weather of late continued Tuesday with more records falling in the far north, including the warmest place in the country, Goose Bay in Labrador at 34.5C. (96F) It was a record high for the community and one of the warmest June days on ever. Here in the south, clouds and showers managed to keep temperatures down in most locations, but we still managed a 26C (79F) here in Montreal. An area of rain moved through around 1pm dumping a quick 20mm on the city. That was followed by a solid line of thunderstorms that developed in Ontario, but they dissipated after sunset and just produced a shower or two last evening here in Montreal.

I wanted to mention the bizarre weather in Ontario and Manitoba this past weekend. On Friday a hailstorm moved across Cornwall, Ontario causing millions in damages. The storm was part of the same cell that produced a tornado near Huntingdon. Meanwhile in Manitoba strong thunderstorms produced hail as big as golf balls across southern portions of that province with major damage reported. Claims are still being assessed, but it could run into the tens of millions of dollars. In the north it was snow, in June! A record 20cm of snow fell on Gilliam, Manitoba surpassing the previous June record of 9cm. I still can't handle June snow, thankfully we have never had snow in June, July or August here in far!

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