Friday, June 29, 2012

Long Weekend Weather

Happy Canada Day!

A few thunderstorms rattled across the region overnight, or so I was told. After three nights in a row of getting home at midnight, I slept through them. I noticed no appreciable wind gusts here overnight and just a splash of rain in the gauge this morning at 2.54 mm. It is 20C this morning, but a little more refreshing then last night with the rain clearing the air out a little. A very warm and humid air mass is set to invade the northeastern portion of the country with temperatures climbing to near 30C in Montreal and southern Quebec today. The heat will start today and last well into next week. It will be sunny to start both today and Saturday, but then become rather unsettled into the middle portion of next week with frequent thunderstorms. Intense heat is forecast up and down the eastern seaboard with heat index values well into the 100's. Numerous states have advisories or warnings posted for the dangerous combination of the heat and humidity. The warnings stretch from the Midwest and southern appalachians into the Carolinas and north to metro NYC. So far no warnings are in place for the heat north of the border, but a smog advisory has been posted for the GTA.

Canada Day Sunday looks great for the festivites in the Nation's Capital with high temperatures in the upper 20's and nothing but susnhine forecast at this time.

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